Vertical Garden- 15-panel- horizontal- DIY


DIY Gardener Range
15-panel DIY Horizontal Garden panels

Note: PatioScapes™ offers two different planting methods. The first is a direct planting method and the second is a GrowBagZ™ method.

Which option is better for you? Click here for details.

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Installation information:
Mobile: +27 76 296 3807
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Contact: Debbie
Mobile: +27 72 266 1356 ( Please note, I am often on site and not available – please email me. I will respond within 24hrs)



Upon placing your order, a consultant from PatioScapes™ will contact you.
Delivery in the Gauteng Area: R 99.00
Plants may be ordered from us upon request.
Delivery in all other areas – Courier rates apply

Pricing: 15 x 12-pocket units

Using the direct planting method: ( GrowPocketZ™ ONLY)
15 x 12-GrowPocketZ™  – R 9735.00

Garden World Spring festival special deal – R 7788.00

Using the GrowBagZ™ method: ( GrowPocketZ™ plus GrowBagZ™)
15 x 12-GrowPocketZ™ PLUS 12- GrowBagZ™– R 13 485.00

Garden World Spring festival special deal – R 10 788.00

Plants required: 180
PatioScapes recommends a 15cm pot plant for each pocket
Or 180-360 plants if you are using Sittigs 4x 9cm pots.
( Available from Garden World Nursery.

Installation: PatioScapes™ Recommends

For permanent installations of several 12-pocket panels against a wall.
Step 1: Make a wooden frame using the measurement above.
Add an additional wooden strip between the first and bottom two rows of pockets.
Attach the wooden frame to your wall – 38mm pine works best
Step 2: Then attach your PatioScapes GrowPocketZ™ to the frames.

Step 3: Add your irrigation using the irrigation tabs provided at the top of each
Now you are ready to plant.

Watering your vertical garden:
It is recommended that you water your vertical garden for at least 5-10 mins every day.
Keep in mind that you have very little soil in each pocket.
Water your vertical garden even when it rains.
When watering by hand – use a watering can and water at the back of EACH pocket using a very slow flow until the whole pocket is soaked.

Feeding your plants:
Use a liquid fertilizer such as Nitrosol, Super Grow or Eco-Fert Sea-Boost.
Using a spray bottle – spray the leaves every 2-4 weeks for maximum absorption and results.