What makes PatioScapes GrowBagZ different?

The Patio GrowBagZ™ system uses a grow bag that fits into the vertical garden pocket.
With most other systems, soil and plants are added directly to the vertical pocket, turning maintenance into a difficult , messy exercise.

The PatioScapes GrowBagZ™ system is:

Easy to Install

Easy to replace plants – no mess…no fuss

About PatioScapes GrowBagZ™

Plants and gardeners simply love them.
1. Friendly towards the environment
The material is made from recycled plastic cold drink bottles.
2. Friendly towards plants
It provides excellent drainage which is especially important for plants that do not like wet roots.
3. Allows plant roots to breathe for optimal plant health.
4. Unlike a plastic container, where roots go around in circles trying to breathe, roots can breathe while pruning themselves in the PatioScapes grow bag.
5. The grow bag fits snugly into the geo fabric pouches. These pouches come in all shapes and sizes depending on requirements. The grow bag is interchangeable and maintains the integrity of each plant in its own soil.
6. There are two grow bag options
– One with a wick and water retainer – for plants that need more water
– One with a wick, but without a water retainer – for plants that don’t like wet roots

What can you grow in the PatioScapes GrowBagZ™?

– Flowering annuals and perennials
– Shade loving plants
– Ferns
– Succulents
– Grasses – great for large vertical gardens
– Annuals & perennials – sun
– Annuals & perennials – shade
– Vegetables
– Strawberries
– Herbs