Description: Lobelias have a mounded habit and provide masses of colour in a vertical garden.

Light requirements: Semi-shade or Sun

Water : Plant Lobelias towards to bottom part of your vertical garden. Keep them moist for the best results. Using the water-saver PatioScapes GrowBagZ™(Extra), water your vertical wall, every other day.

Vertical garden type: Spring/Summer flower garden.

Tips: When planting Lobelias in the PatioScapes GrowBagZ™, use compost or potting soil.
If you have an irrigation system that allows you to pump through plant food, add once a month.
Alternatively, add plant food to each PatioScapes GrowBagZ™ by removing the bag from the pocket , add plant food and replace it afterwards.

Suitable for all Patio-Scapes vertical gardens systems.

Note: If your vertical garden is placed against a wall, not enough water will run into the pockets when it rains. You still need to water your vertical garden, even when it rains.