Alternanthera ficoidea
Alternanthera-Little Ruby


Alternanthera ficoidea ‘Bettzickiana’
Description: Attractively tinged leaves with pink, red or yellow. Also known as calico plant.

Light requirements: Semi-shade or Sun

Water : Plant Alternanthera towards to middle part of your vertical garden. Using the water-saver PatioScapes GrowBagZ™(Extra), water your vertical wall, every other day or when dry.

Vertical garden type: Green wall.Use the leaf colours to add colour to your green wall.

Tips: When planting Alternanthera in the PatioScapes GrowBagZ™, use compost or potting soil.They do not like particularly rich soil. Compost annually.
Trim to keep in shape.

Suitable for the Patio-Scapes  DIY ( 2,4, 8 and 12 GrowPocketZ™ with or without GrowBagZ™)  and DIY PRO ( 24 GrowPocketZ™ WITH GrowBagZ™ )vertical gardens systems.

Note: If your vertical garden is placed against a wall, not enough water will run into the pockets when it rains. You still need to water your vertical garden, even when it rains.