Description: Osteospermums belong to the daisy Asteraceae family. This plant has several common names: African daisy, South African daisy, Cape daisy and blue-eyed daisy. An easy to-grow indigenous plant that has a compact growth habit, and produces masses of daisy– like flowers.Grows best in well-drained, light soil in full sun.

Light requirements: Full sun

Water : Osteospermum is a water-wise perennial. Place Osteospermum at the top of  your vertical garden.
Using the water-saver PatioScapes GrowBagZ™, water your vertical wall, every other day.

Vertical garden type: Spring/Summer flower garden.

Tips: When planting Osteospermum in the PatioScapes GrowBagZ™, use compost or potting soil.

Note: If your vertical garden is placed against a wall, not enough water will run into the pockets when it rains.

Suitable for all Patio-Scapes vertical gardens systems.