Bring some Manhattan style into your home this summer with a bespoke rooftop or balcony garden from PatioScapes

Ultra-light-recirculating tank

The ultra lightweight recirculating tanks and Manhattan-style planters from PatioScapes makes installation of rooftop and balcony gardens super easy. A tank or planter like this one, weighs only 12.4kg, is super strong and most installers can carry them up stairs or put then n an elevator.

PatioScapes Ultra light tank

Our latest installation with the 2m tank above. This location is a balcony on the 2nd floor of a building. Easily installed without any fuss.

Typically, a planter of 2mx 30cmx 35cm made our of concrete would weigh around 115kg.
Moving concrete and steel planters and tanks to balconies and rooftops often requires that the planters are lifted on the outside of the building at great expense.

Often, there are also some weight restrictions on rooftops and balconies.

For more details, visit our Manhattan-style container garden page.
PatioScapes designs, manufactures and installs lightweight container and vertical gardens designed for rooftops and balconies.
Design options include:
Aqua planters
Bedding planters
Tree planters
Privacy walls
Planters for shrubs

PatioScapes specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke vertical and container gardens for rooftops, patios, courtyards and atriums for your home or corporate offices.

Our beautiful designs transform your relaxing spaces into tranquil living art retreats. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations.

Wherever possible PatioScapes uses recycled and recyclable materials in our commitment to creating environmentally responsible landscapes.

PatioScapes recently launched our new “Manhattan Style” vertical garden and planter range for modern rooftops where weight is an issue.

  1. Vertical gardens with ultra light recirculating tanks ( Can also be converted to aqua planters to save on recirculation system expense)
  2. Manhattan style ultra lightweight planters

1.Vertical gardens with ultra light recirculating tanks.

In our experience, recirculating tanks are often problematic.

A few important examples;

Steel tanks while cheaper than stainless steel is highly susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Metal planters attract heat which will raise the temperature of the soil (or water in aqua-planters) which will very quickly negatively impact your plants.

Placing steel or concrete planters on the rooftop can be daunting, especially when these are more than 100 to 200 cm wide. They frequently don’t fit in elevators or are too heavy to handle, even for two or more men. Stairways too can be difficult to navigate, often resulting in damage to either the planter or the building. In these circumstances crane hire is one of the few remaining options, but costs are prohibitive

Metal planters attract heat, so water inside a recirculating tank can reach very high temperatures – not suitable for watering plants in a vertical garden.

Galvanised steel tanks release zinc. In a normal garden, where zinc is washed away, it may take years for zinc to affect the soil and plants. But in an enironment where you only have a little bit of soil, and water is recirculated, plants like herbs and veges are affected, making them not fit for human consumption.

Plastic tanks, which are relatively inexpensive are generally very unattractive. To enhance their look a solution is to install some kind of fascia which cost substantially more than the planter itself.

So, considering these factors, PatioScapes designers – Debbie and Stephen have created a new lightweight product that mitigates all of the above problems.

All of our planters and tanks can be made to your specification and feature many different textures and an almost unlimited range of colours to suit each client’s individual need.

In addition to PatioScapes recirculating water tank we also offer our unique aqua-planters. Excess water from our vertical garden is deposited into the aqua-planter which contain aqua plants that thrive in these containers. All excess water is drained away via an overflow to your lawn, grey water system or garden as desired.

2. To complete the “Mahattan Style” rooftop garden planter range, several trough planters were designed using the same principles to create an ultra light planter range including:
Planters for trees
Planters for bedding plants
Planters for hedging
Aqua planters

The Manhattan Style planter range can also be used on balconies and any small garden space.

The Manhattan Style garden concept is also suitable for boutique hotels, restaurants, corporate premises  and business parks.

PatioScapes Garden builder:

Short of cash, but you still want a Manhattan Style garden?

PatioScapes will design a garden for you and we will install your garden as and when you have the funds available for each part of your garden. You may decide to install your garden over 6 or 12 months – that is the beauty of container gardening – best of all – each container looks spectacular from day 1.

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