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How to choose a vertical gardening system that is right for you.

GrowPocketZ™ and GrowBagZ™ vertical gardening system.

The PatioScapes GrowPocketZ™/ GrowBagZ™  vertical garden system is a quality product made to last for many years.

GrowPocketZ™ PLUS GrowBagZ™ OR GrowPocketZ™ ONLY.
The first option to consider is if you would like GrowPocketZ™ only or if you would like to use GrowPocketZ™ PLUS GrowBagZ™.

What is the difference?
When you use GrowPocketZ™ only, you are planting directly into the pocket. Use this method for planting evergreens. When you use the GrowBagZ™ method, you plant in the GrowBagZ™ and place the GrowBagZ™ inside the pocket. Use this method when you want to plant annuals, herbs and perennials that need replacing.
The GrowBagZ™ are available separately at R20.00 each. You may choose to buy a panel with GrowPocketZ™  only and only buy GrowBagZ™ for the pockets where you would like to plant annuals or herbs.

What are the benefits of using the GrowPocketZ™ on their own?

Plant evergreens directly into the GrowPocketZ™ . They don’t need replacing, so planting them in GrowBagZ™ is unnecessary.
Note: Direct planting in GrowPocketZ™ requires more frequent watering. ( Daily in summer and every other day in winter)
Note: You vertical garden needs watering even when it is raining. Not enough water will drip into the pockets when it is raining.

What are the benefits of the GrowPocketZ™ PLUS GrowBagZ™ vertical gardening system?

1.Environmentally friendly
The material we use to manufacture the GrowBagZ™is made out of recycled plastic cold drink bottles.

2.Plant friendly
GrowBagZ™ provides excellent drainage which is especially important as many plants do not like wet roots.

3.GrowBagZ™ allows plant roots to breathe for optimal plant health. Unlike a plastic container, where roots go round in circles trying to breathe, roots can breathe while pruning themselves in the PatioScapes GrowBagZ™ and GrowPocketZ™.

4.The GrowBagZ™ fits snugly into the geo-fabric GrowPocketz™ . The GrowBagZ™ is interchangeable and maintains the integrity of each plant in its own soil.

5. The GrowBagZ™ has a built-in reservoir which saves water. 

 Note: Plants growing in vertical gardening systems require more frequent watering as the ability to retain water, using such a small amount of soil is very limited.

6. The GrowBagZ™ system allows you to grow a larger variety of plants, including plants like orchids, bromeliads  and other speciality plants.

7. GrowBagZ™ promotes additional wicking and water retention.

8. The GrowBagZ™ system provides super easy maintenance.
When replacing a plant, simply remove the reusable GrowBagZ™ , remove the plant, rinse out the GrowBagZ™ and re-plant. No mess, no fuss. This is a great feature if you are growing annuals  or if you want to replace plants or simply move your garden around.