Adding colour to your vertical garden with Coleus

Guaranteed not to disappoint

Coleus is an easy to grow plant suitable for vertical gardening. Coleus will provide spectacular colour all summer long, even in the shade.

They come in vivid shades of pink, maroon, green, salmon, peach and creamy white and there is a large selection of shade and sun/semi shade varieties to choose from.

Coleus can be added to your vertical garden using the PatioScapes GrowBagZ™ system. ( Available online below) Use fertile soil to plant in the GrowBagZ™ which you will insert into the pockets on your wall panel. This makes it easy when winter comes along and you want to change your plants to something suitable for winter.

Coleus likes to be kept moist in the vertical garden. Remember, you have a lot less soil available in the GrowBagZ™ than you have in a large  pot or a bedding. We recommend that you water for 5 minutes per day if you are using automatic irrigation, or hand water to the back of the pocket. ( Slowly, as not to wash the soil out of the pocket) .
Remember to water your vertical garden, even when it rains. The rain will not water your vertical garden, no matter how much it rains.

Although Coleus generally does not need a lot of fertilizer, when growing in a vertical garden, we recommend a liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks.

Use a 10-15cm pot size coleus to plant into the GrowBagZ™. Should you buy a six-pack, first grow them in a 10-15cm pot before transplanting them into the vertical garden. For those of you in the Johannesburg area, Nuleaf sells a 4-pack of 10cm coleus.

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Happy vertical gardening!