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Milk Vases, Milk planters and Buckets full of Love


If you live in South Africa…

You’ve all seen them. Those guys who come and rummage through your dustbin while you are still sleeping comfortably in your bed. They are out there every day. Sometimes taking perilous trips downhill on busy roads on their trolleys with nothing except a bit of rope as a steering device. ( We often show our displeasure – as we feel these guys should not be out on the road, let alone in peak hour traffic) But… this is how they make a living.

Up-cycling milk cartons and marble manufacturing by-products.
PatioScapes supports these guys in a small way by buying used milk cartons and plastic bottles and turning them into vases and planters using eco-resins and marble.

A typical trolley


Contents of a typical Trolley


Milk Cartons we use