Elevate Your Living Spaces with Manhattan Elegance: Discover Bespoke Rooftop and Balcony Gardens by PatioScapes

Ultra-light-recirculating tank

Experience the allure of Manhattan style right at home with tailor-made rooftop and balcony gardens crafted by PatioScapes.

PatioScapes specializes in crafting exquisite, lightweight planters that revolutionize outdoor/indoor design. Explore our diverse applications for inspiration and custom quotes:

Manhattan Style Rooftop Gardens and Balconies
Inviting Patios
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PatioScapes Ultra light tank

Witness Our Latest Achievement: The 2m Tank Installation. This balcony, positioned on the second floor, effortlessly accommodates our innovation – a testament to seamless installation.

Our revolutionary ultra-lightweight recirculating tanks and Manhattan-inspired planters redefine the ease of garden installation. These sleek tanks and planters, weighing a mere 12.4kg, boast remarkable strength, allowing most installers to effortlessly transport them up stairs or elevators.

Consider this: a conventional concrete planter of 2m x 30cm x 35cm typically weighs a hefty 115kg. Moving such heavy concrete and steel planters to elevated spaces often involves costly exterior lifting solutions, all while grappling with weight restrictions on rooftops and balconies.

PatioScapes is your ultimate destination for bespoke planter design and production, catering to rooftops, patios, courtyards, and atriums, whether at home or in corporate settings.

Experience the transformation of your serene retreats into living, tranquil works of art. We commit to surpassing your expectations at every turn.

Embracing environmental responsibility, PatioScapes prioritizes recycled and recyclable materials, aligning our values with sustainable landscaping practices.

Kindly note: We no longer offer vertical garden manufacturing and installation.

Introducing the “Manhattan Style” Planter Range: Embrace Modern Rooftops with Weight Constraints

In the realm of rooftop planters, challenges are aplenty. Consider the following critical aspects:

Corrosion Concerns: While steel tanks may offer cost advantages over stainless steel, they’re prone to rust and corrosion.

Heat Hassles: Metal planters attract heat, potentially harming plants by overheating soil or water in aqua-planters.

Weighty Woes: Large steel or concrete planters pose logistical nightmares, often necessitating crane hire due to elevator and staircase limitations.

Zinc Zest: Galvanized steel tanks release zinc, negatively impacting plants like herbs and vegetables, rendering them unfit for consumption.

Aesthetic and Cost Dilemmas: Inexpensive plastic tanks often lack visual appeal, necessitating additional expenditures on fascia enhancements.

Addressing these concerns, PatioScapes’ visionary designers, Debbie and Stephen, have pioneered a lightweight solution that deftly mitigates all the aforementioned issues.

Our planters and tanks are fully customizable, boasting diverse textures and an extensive color palette to meet your unique preferences.

Elevate Your Space: Manhattan Style Gardens for Every Venue

The Manhattan Style garden aesthetic transcends personal spaces. Explore its potential in boutique hotels, fine dining establishments, corporate premises, and bustling business parks.

Embark on your journey to elevate your surroundings with PatioScapes’ captivating “Manhattan Style” rooftop and balcony gardens.